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What is a Brand Kit for Business? (Why do You Need One?)

Quick! Explain your brand in a few words. Or show us a few pictures that represent the vibe of your brand. Can we see some examples of logos that you’re tossing around?

All of these questions are questions that you’re going to get regularly from customers, investors anyone who might need to understand your brand.

What is a Brand Kit?

A brand kit is an organized, concise, beautiful way to present the company that you’ve worked so hard on.

It’s a way not to have your brand only live in your head but also on paper so that you can communicate it to others in a way that helps them understand either what you’re trying to achieve or what you’re trying to sell, both being of equal importance.

It should be broad enough so that it’s easily digestible and everyone can understand but specific enough to handle questions like which colors represent your branding and what the tone of the communications should be.

Why do You Need One?

You need one for many reasons, but here are the most important two.

The first is that it’s great for pitching to potential investors and showing people who need to understand the company as a whole. It helps you look super buttoned up as well.

The other reason is that people who work for you need to understand what your company stands for in general. Not just letterheads, logos, and business cards, but the brand values, essential concepts, and ethics standards that keep everyone accountable and on track to accurately represent the things you stand for, untied, as a company.

A brand kit needs to be visually pleasing. It’s an excellent way to show that you’re organized and capable of concisely explaining and representing your style.

The basic idea is, you have an aesthetically pleasing brand deck (kit), then you probably have a well-run machine of a business. They can sometimes be the difference between looking professional…or not.

There are five main reasons to have a brand kit.

First, it promotes recognition. When people see your logo and style, they will understand it’s your company right when they see it.

Second, it helps you stand out from the competition. Not all companies will make sure that they have a branding kit, and having one will give you an immediate leg up on the competition.

Next, it improves your marketing. It creates a way for you to make congruent decisions towards a common goal of marketing your company.

Fourth, a brand kit can win you new business. People love talking about businesses they love, and branding kits can allow people to connect with your company and love the things you stand for, further perpetuating your brand and success.

Last, your brand kit is your identity kit and creates a consistent and memorable brand identity.

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