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Branding Tips for Beauty Professionals

Whether you do gorgeous hair, makeup, skincare, tattoos, etc., you’re going to need great branding to cut through the saturated market!

Market saturation is nothing to be afraid of, it’s just something you need to be aware of to avoid getting swept up into the crowd. Here are a few branding tips for beauty professionals to set you apart from the crowd.

Great Branding

Having a great brand is vital. Be consistent and have some niche that sets you apart and has a sort of “brand recognition” just on the look itself.

For instance, if you make up, have a particular thing you do that keeps people coming to you for this specific concept that only you do.

Makeup artist Vlada Haggerty created such a look with her iconic “lip drip” concept that Kylie Cosmetics did a similar image for their brand. Haggerty had legal grounds because of her brand recognition and sued Kylie Cosmetics. Not that this is the ideal goal but having something that recognizable is.

Social Media

Social media! Becoming a beauty influencer and putting up content is so helpful to this class of businesses.

Not only does it increase trust within the industry and with customers, but it also shows them a consistent feed of what you’re capable of. It serves as a fantastic mobile portfolio so that you always have access to what you need to show off your talent.

On the same note, there is a massive benefit to having a good number of followers. It’s, of course, a great way to market products or services you offer, but also great for hosting giveaways with other influencers, doing partnerships with brands, and especially in beauty.

You can sell tickets to things like online events with enough followers, showing people how to do what you do, live tutorial style. This starts to give you the reputation of being an expert in your field, which builds business and starts to have clients come to you instead of the other way around.

The last point on social media, it is 100% FREE. If you’re not paying for ads, you don’t have to put any money into it. Free publicity if you play your cards right! Post consistently, post often, reply right away.

Individual Signatures

Lastly, establish the individual things you do when running your business that are just very you.

Maybe you have a mass text service that sends notes filled with your personality to your subscribers or something as simple as sending thank you notes to people who’ve bought from you. Telling them you appreciate their business and would be happy to offer service next time for a small discount, anything that fits your margins and business model but would make a huge difference to the client.

Beauty is such a fun area to run a business, it’s creative, it’s individual, and the possibilities are endless. Branding allows you to paint exactly what you want on the canvas and take up the space you deserve.

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