Past Life Regression Therapy

10 Ways To Know If Past Life Regression Therapy Is Right For You

Past Life Regression (PLR) therapy allows you to connect your conscious and unconscious mind. It has proven beneficial to individuals with varying struggles and intentions, from people that need help healing past traumas, to those that simply want to connect with their spirit.

The power that comes with PLR therapy can promote healing you might otherwise think is impossible, across an extremely broad spectrum. Here are ten ways to know if PLR therapy is right for you:

1. Unexplained Illness

Have you always struggled to feel healthy and well? Illness can be our body talking to us. It certainly isn’t anyone’s preferred way that our body tells us we have a problem lurking deeper in our minds, but with PLR therapy, you can tap into where your body’s ailments are stemming from and release that energy.

2. Phobias or Triggers

If you struggle with phobias, or if you have an almost (or completely) uncontrollable reaction to certain things, PLR can help you. Our daily lives or past traumas can condition us to respond a specific way to our situation. As an example: perhaps you were attacked by a cat when you were a child, so you can’t handle being around cats as an adult due to the triggering of your childhood memory. Those same triggers or phobias can be carried over from past lives.

3. Gaps in Your Memory

Though seeking clarity in unconscious thoughts from your current lifetime doesn’t fit the definition of PLR, recall that PLR helps connect your conscious and unconscious minds. PLR can help your unconscious fill the memory gaps in your conscious.

4. Trauma

A past filled with trauma, unless healed, creates all sorts of different side-effects. PTSD therapy can be difficult to go through, particularly with some of the symptoms of PTSD. PLR can help you heal through those traumas with a relaxed mind.

5. Depression, Anxiety, or Both

Struggling with depression and anxiety can leave many people to wonder “what’s wrong with me?” Nothing! You simply need assistance healing, and there is nothing wrong with that. PLR therapy will aid in your healing process while helping you better understand your mind and past lives.

6. Relational Problems

If you have unhealthy patterns in relationships, or you feel particularly drawn to a relationship you logically know you shouldn’t, PLR therapy is right for you. Your habits or relationships could be impacted by your past lives (and relationships within them).

7. Body Dysmorphia

Looking in the mirror and having nothing but negative thoughts is a terrible feeling. If you find yourself fixating on how you appear, potentially even being influenced to make unhealthy decisions to “fix” your appearance, PLR therapy will help you see the beauty that is truly looking back at you in the mirror.

8. Struggles with Addiction

Do you struggle with addiction, and the control it has over you? Allow PLR therapy to help you release yourself from the chains addiction has you in — for good. Your unconscious may be trying to demonstrate that you need inner healing through its need for endorphins, and PLR therapy will help promote the healing you need to remove your dependence. You aren’t stuck or beyond help, your past lives just have a hold on you that you need assistance releasing.

9. Passionate Beliefs You Can’t Explain

Perhaps you are an individual that feels a strong pull to a particular belief system that may not have been around you in your upbringing. As an example, perhaps you grew up in a Christian household, but you always felt very drawn to Buddhism, though your family and community never taught you about the religion. That could be your past life guiding you toward your personal spiritual belief, and with PLR therapy, you can understand how that belief came to be.

10. You Want to Get in Touch With Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Lastly, you might be an individual that is simply curious to increase their awareness of their consciousness. PLR therapy can help you explore past lives, heal in ways you didn’t realize you needed, and much more. Open your mind to endless possibilities with PLR therapy.

The Final Words

With an amazing tool like PLR therapy enabling such immense healing and self-growth, you aren’t far from the life and mindset you want to create for yourself. Allow PLR therapy to alleviate the hurdles that are holding you back and watch yourself create the life of your dreams.

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