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What You Need for a Great Business Website

A great website is one of the most critical aspects of your introduction to potential customers.

It’s your most memorable handshake, your calling card, and lately, with so much online, your only shot at a lasting impression.

Yes, it really is that important. So, in this post, we’re going to talk about points to make sure you hit to have a really good one.


The first order of business on how to have a great website is truly all in the photography.

Research shows that people spend about 15 seconds on a page on average, and if they don’t see what they need or something captivating to keep them on your page, they’ll jump on to something else before you can even show them the content that matters.

The good news: if you keep them past 15 seconds, you’ll get them for 7 minutes, on average. In 7 minutes, they’ll have plenty of opportunities to get a feel for what you’re offering, but you’ve got to get them there and keep them there to achieve those results.

Photography on your front page and your main traffic pages is vital because visuals keep people so much more engaged than just text or titles.

Another thing to think about with photography is that you need great pictures for the items or services you’re selling. Even if the service you’re selling doesn’t have a specific photo that goes with it, it’s a good idea to have something related and inviting to show the customer so that they can wrap their mind around what they’re getting if they order from you or utilize your service.

These little details can increase a customer’s confidence in your product or service altogether.

Conversion Rate

Another thing to consider is the conversion rate of people visiting your site. There are three simple things you can do on your website to increase the conversion rate.

The first is targeted displays. These are things like pop-ups, bars, and banners that range in interaction level but deliver the same results as they require the website visitor to do an action to either get rid of the pop-up, sign up for an email base, or use a discount.

The second thing you can do is to add a chat feature because it so customers can easily ask any questions before completing a purchase. If they can reach out for any question or help, it will make customers more confident to trust in and buy from your site.

The last helpful conversion rate tip is to create a video to bring your products to life and give you the opportunity to both explain why someone should buy the product in real-life example content and allow you to present your story behind it, which are both compelling for buyers.

Overall, you want your customers to feel like both you and your products are easily accessible and can be trusted.

A great website can achieve both of those things.

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