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Common SEO Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

To understand small business SEO mistakes, we need to have a full grasp of the true meaning of SEO and a brief summary of how it works.

What is SEO? SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and it is simply described as an activity carried out to improve website rankings on various search engines. When a word or phrase is searched for on search engines, e.g. Google, it displays results of the links to pages it considers relevant and authoritative. Authoritative here means how quality links are related to a webpage or content.

How Does Google Do This?

By creating quality content that gets the attention of companies, individuals and related websites which is in turn shared on various social media platforms, forums etc. This process is not a one-time thing, but rather it is a steady and continuous process that would need fine tuning at certain periods to achieve excellent results.

When this is done, the website or blog gets noticed by Google through complex algorithms and then the website starts climbing the rank ladder.

Why is SEO Important to Small Business Owners?

This is important for small business owners to frequently run SEO on their website in order to increase web audience and hence, high quality leads or conversions

Common SEO Mistakes

Here are some common SEO mistakes that most small business owners make:

1. Neglecting the Use of Analytics to Monitor Traffic

It’s great to generate massive free traffic, but it is even greater to generate high quality conversions. Knowing what generates the best results for you is very important. It is so easy to get caught up in phrases that sent the most traffic and also get entangled in the web of super competitive keywords. Most times, lower traffic keywords bring the best results. Tracking keyword phrases that build conversion is a step in the right direction for small businesses. Knowing and understanding this helps to optimize your website.

2. Not Optimizing for Local Search

Most search engines handle this a bit differently. This should begin by including region-specific keywords in page titles and Meta descriptions. Local addresses and phone numbers should also be included on web pages.

3. Not Targeting or Optimizing For the Right Keywords

This cannot in anyway be over emphasized. It is so easy to fall prey to optimizing for global keywords, keywords that bring visitors searching for free information and broad keywords that are usually highly competitive. It is advisable to use keywords that a more specific.

4. Using Poorly Written Content

These days, people no longer search for just anything. People search for high quality content that is engaging and insightful. When you have great content, you have successfully completed three-quarter of the entire process. SEO marketing becomes easier if this is done right.

5. Broken Links

Despite the fact that most websites will naturally accumulate broken links, they can be extremely detrimental to SEO performance. Be sure that your websites’ links are working optimally.

6. Lack of Attention to Title Tags

Title tags are crucial as they enable search engines crawlers to index your site correctly, but also tell the end-user that your content is relevant and interesting.

7. On-Page and Off-Page Optimization Neglect

The most common issues for on-page optimization are:

  • Contents are not fresh ( always write relevant content)
  • Density of keywords (never stuff your website with too many keywords)
  • Page speed which creates bad user experience when pages take a lot of time to load
  • Never ignore trust signals i.e. about us, privacy policy, contact information, disclaimer, terms and conditions pages
  • Pages with thin or low-value content: Always check for grammatical errors on your website

For off-page, the following must be avoided:

  • Ignoring social media
  • Comment spamming: Never comment on a blog that is totally unrelated to your website, because you are desperate to generate backlinks
  • Forum posting spamming: This is almost similar to the previous point. Do not comment on a forum and then upload a totally irrelevant and unrelated link.

In conclusion, obeying the SEO laws will boost your website ranking.

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