Deal With Depression

Depression Can Be A Bummer! How To Deal With Depression

Depression, it is a bummer! Nothing makes sense around you; the zeal to do stuff you used to like totally gone like poof! Don’t I know it!? I have been there, walking the path of solitude and drowning in it. I am not here to bore you with statistics (although I’m going to show you some important ones).

I am here to tell you that when depression comes, you can kick its butt out the door! It’s gonna come alright, but what can you do to handle it? Are you just going to let it drag you into the deep ocean of sadness? Not on my watch! Whether you’re going through depression, know someone who is going through depression, or you just want to deepen your knowledge about it, then grab a cup of coffee and let’s take a ride.

Depression is put in the mood disorder category because it ranges from constant feelings of sadness, loss, and anger that affect your everyday activities. It is not experienced by everyone the same way; one may be sad and quiet; another may be angry and reckless.

We all know that life is crazy with its ups and downs, continually serving us stuff we don’t ask for, so feeling sad and low sometimes is normal; it’s part of the circle of life because upsetting events don’t knock before they barge in. Still, if you’re feeling hopeless , low, angry on a daily, you may be dealing with depression.

You Are Not Alone

The CDC (center for disease control and prevention) estimates that 8.1% of American adults aged 20 and above will experience a psychotic depression episode before age 75 and 16.2 million adults in the U.S had at least one major depressive episode in the year 2018.

If you know numbers, then you would know that they like to increase! Fast forward to the year 2020, the year that came and hit us like a wrecking ball, symptoms of the depressive disorder increased in the United States from April to June 2020 ; the numbers are 25.5% of adults compared to 8.1in 2018 and 9.7 in 2019 in America alone.

It’s understandable that you feel the way you do but always remember that you are not alone! There’s me and over 16 million other Americans going through something similar; you can overcome! Just like I do every time.

How To Identify Depression (Warning Signs) And Deal With It

1. Hopeless Eyes

I call this one hopeless eye because when depression hits, nothing you see will make sense. Depressed people have a hopeless outlook on life-feelings of worthlessness, gearing into self-hate, and unjustified feelings of guilt. You keep thinking it’s all my fault!

Nothing ever works for me; I am not worthy of love, I always ruin things, maybe I should just stop existing!

Dealing With it

At times like this, you need to catch yourself thinking, you need to say hold up! Pause! I know it’s hard, but you can do it; those soul-sucking thoughts of negativity need to go! How can they go?

Counteract! When negative thoughts come, begin to think about something positive, think back to a time when someone told you something good about yourself, think back to a time when things were not so gloomy, just one time when you were surrounded by laughter.

I like to remember my 25th birthday; I travel back in time to re-live the surreal experience. Five months before my birthday, I was getting pre-birthday jitters; I slowly fell into a bottomless pit of sadness and thoughts of being a failure.

Am I doing well enough for my age? Have I achieved all of my plans and goals?

No, I hadn’t! That was the fuel I needed to drive myself deeper into depression. When the special day came, I got cakes, letters of how much I mean to people, how I have inspired some not to give up, how my bright smile was the motivation some people needed to go about their day.

Me? !  That moment there was my rescue, the simple words, and laughter, the endless good wishes, and prayers; that was all I needed to pull myself slowly back up and into the light.

– Natasha

Every time you find yourself falling into the black hole of a memory that brings you down and depressive thoughts, breath in, and conjure your happy memory.

When light comes, darkness has no choice but to zoom off. So, kick out depressive thoughts with huge doses of positivity. Be your own hypeman; no one can do it better anyway.


Write down great qualities about yourself and go over them every time you wake up. Paste them right where you can see them every day. Ask your friends and family to send you a list of all the qualities/things they love about you; write them down.

2. Sleepy Much

When you’re going through depression, the bed becomes a bestie; you will find one million reasons why you should languish under the sheets. Depression, more often than not, comes with a lack of energy and fatigue; this causes you to want to spend the rest of your life living under your duvet.

Dealing With it

plan your way out! Call your friends, call family, make plans to go out with them, eat pizza, see a movie, just do something that goes directly against the way you feel. Get up! Take a shower and go for a walk. Just take a time out from the gloom and live! You will begin to see the difference immediately.


write down the names of the places you used to like to visit. Write down the name of a movie you want to see and a close friend you will like to see it with. Please do it!

3. Mood Swings

One moment, everything is fine, and the next, you’re having a complete emotional meltdown or anger outburst and uncontrollable tears. It just happens, and you don’t even know why.

Dealing With it

Swing back! Taking deep breaths is quite underrated; in times like this, breathe in and out slowly, calm down and give someone you love a call. Tell people what you’re going through, share how you feel. I know you’re hurting, and you think no one gets you, trust me, someone does, someone cares, someone will listen, trust me on this one.

Sharing how you feel is a huge step towards dealing with depression. If there’s no one around at that moment, write it down, sis! Write it down, bro! Journaling can help you purge those feelings in a way that you will not expect.


write down the names of people you can trust, set a reminder to call them, and share with them how you feel and what you’re are going through. Write! Pour out your heart in your journal, write feelings down, and deliberately do things that will make you happy.

Get Help

Depression almost always comes with its best friends; anxiety and suicidal thoughts. If you have had the symptoms/signs I talked about for over two weeks; then you should get help.

While you are pumping yourself up and making the necessary lifestyle changes, you can see a professional when it becomes too much for you to bear so they can help you through the process.

There are many groups volunteering and ready to talk to you and slowly pull you out of the dark hole; getting professional help is an essential step to getting yourself back, feeling like yourself again.

Sticking with self-love, self-affirmations, self-help as well as professional help, and your bright light won’t needlessly see any darkness; even if it does, you can deal with it!

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