Self-Sabotaging Mindset

Overcoming Your Self-Sabotaging Mindset

Many times in life, we are our own worst enemy.

When life becomes difficult, we get in the way of ourselves and engage in behaviours that are destructive to our well-being. This is what defines the term self-sabotage.

It is when we lose sight of our own self-worth and try to destroy what we’ve built – sometimes without even realizing it. This behaviour can creep up and overwhelm us but there are ways to manage and this article will take time to explore how we can overcome this mindset.

Begin With You

More often than not, our critical behavior begins when we think of who we are.

Do you love yourself. Do you see yourself as valuable and worthy and lovable? If these are not words that would be the first to be in your mind, then it might be beneficial to take time to examine your emotions surrounding yourself.

Do you show yourself love? If this is an area where you see yourself struggling, then it may be time to engage in self-love practices. Take time to free up the emotional space in your head and let go.

Practical suggestions are to engage in a daily practice of meditation where you can clear your mind of self-destructive thoughts and be released of any pressures life may hold.

Engage with the outdoors, let the sun be a comfort and a friend. Indulge in relationships that are lifegiving and be filled with the warmth of friendships.

Record Your Emotions

Do your emotions come as a surprise? Is there a fear of feeling?

Feelings and emotions are not meant as something to run and hide from but rather moments to be embraced. When you are experiencing strong emotions and feelings, it is vital to take time to record those and track them.

Not only will you be able to identify what you are experiencing but it may reveal patterns in your life that might need to be addressed. Identifying your emotions helps you to build resilience.

Once you have identified those emotions, ask yourself how you respond to those and record it. This small question will greatly impact your ability to not engage in self-sabotaging behaviours anymore.

Know Your Triggers

As you begin to recognize emotions that you are experiencing and how that made you feel, you will be able to get an understanding of the triggers that may bring those on.

Do not be afraid of those triggers but instead embrace them and take ownership of them. Use them as a way to help you navigate difficult scenarios and come out in a positive light.

Self-sabotaging mindsets do not have to rule your life. Rather, they are an opportunity to dig deeper into our own minds and souls and seize the negative and release the positive.

Overwhelming emotions do not have to lead into a spiral of destruction but rather can present a beautiful opportunity for growth. Use these three tips as a way to help you get a hold of your life.

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