7 Power Tips That Really Work In Attracting More Money Fast

Manifesting money can be a piece of cake, especially when you have a few power tips and tricks up your sleeve. Whether its a couple of dollars or serious big bucks. you can have it all if you apply the magic ingredients. Everybody should live in abundance and since sharing is caring we’re here to give you our seven easy steps to help you manifest all the money you could ever ask for… let’s begin!

1. Gratitude: Raise Your Vibration

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. If you’re not grateful for what you have then you’ll struggle to manifest more. It’s the principle of this Universe, when you acknowledge what you have you will receive more of it. Use gratitude to focus on giving thanks for your finances and you will reap the rewards by attracting copious amounts of cash! Give thanks for the fact that abundance is limitless, say thank you for the money that you already have (no matter how little!). and be grateful that you have the ability to change your financial situation in an instant. Practicing gratitude is a quick and easy way to raise your vibration so that you can attract more money in no time.

2. LOL

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and that’s absolutely true. It’s more than just a theory. it’s science! Laughing releases endorphins which is a natural chemical produced by your body that triggers positive emotions. Laughing will help you to rise up the emotional scale. raising your vibration in the process, and energizing you. Stand in front of a mirror and really laugh, allow yourself to let go and be free as you laugh the stress away. Laugh with excitement because the money is coming to you! Feel your emotions climb as you practice this exercise and what the figures in your bank account do the same.

3. Be One With Your Desire

If you want wealth you have to connect with your desire to be wealthy. Who you think you are is exactly who you really are, whether you see yourself with abundance or not. You have the power to switch the script and evolve into the identity that you want to become, there is nothing in this Universe that can stop you from affirming how rich and wonderful your finances are. You are in complete control. take a step in the right direction. and become one with your desire. Start to affirm this to yourself and reprogram your mind so that you can build and attract wealth. There is nothing separating you from money, so claim it!

“I Am at one with a tremendous amount of money.”
“I Am at one with wealth.”
“I Am at one with extraordinary riches!”
“I Am at one with financial freedom.”
“I Am at one with abundance.

4. Understand The Dimensions

Consciously attracting money using the power of the 5-dimensional world will change the way that you manifest money forever. Transcending into the 5th dimension is accessing high vibrational energy using Spirit to guide you. Understanding the Law of Attraction and that we have the ability to manifest anything that we want into our lives is a step toward shifting our consciousness to the higher plane. Meditate with intention and connect with the energy of source. feel the energy of the Universe permeate through you, and feel the energy of money flowing around you. This will bring great amounts of abundance into your life, indefinitely.

5. Feel The Feelings

Manifesting money is more than just thinking about what you want, it’s about feeling it. Connect and work with the energy of money and start to feel wealthy today. How would you feel if you had financial freedom? Powerful? Joyous? Exhilarated? Feel the emotions inside of you and begin to consciously create the life that you want. Every time that you allow yourself to feel good about money will transform your life and will invite in even more monetary abundance, fast! Maintain those feelings and the Universe will attract it all, no questions asked.

6. Loving Yourself At All Times

As the saying goes, ‘when you love yourself, the world loves you back’. When you value and love yourself you won’t settle for anything less than what you deserve, including an abundant financial situation. A person who loves themselves is true to who their higher self is. which is nothing short of amazing. If you truly loved yourself you would do whatever it takes to fulfill your financial dreams and turn your life around. You deserve the money, the wealth, and financial freedom – love yourself like the Universe loves you and you will see plenty of return. Love is the most powerful feeling in this Universe so love yourself, love money and you will love the results that you manifest.

7. Start Your Day With A Powerful Declaration

“Take excellent care of the front end of your day. and the rest of your day will pretty much take care of itself. Own your morning. Elevate your life.”

— Robin Sharma, The 5 AM Club

The first few moments of your morning will determine the outcome for the rest of your day so set your intention with determination. The energy you put out will undoubtedly come back to you and starting your day with a strong and abundant mindset will give you the fuel and power that you need to instantly manifest more money coming to you. Say it. Write it. Feel it. Make a proclamation about money that will shake you up and energize you.

State it: “Everything is always working out for me.” “Enormous amounts of money are being drawn to me from everywhere.” “My business is skyrocketing and I am financially successful today!” This will send a clear message out into the Universe that you are ready for action and to receive everything that you have been asking for. Own your destiny and make it rain!

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