3d printing

Why 3D Printing is Beneficial to Product Development

3D printing has several valuable benefits when it comes to product development. In-house 3D printers can keep the process moving by allowing more design prototypes to be built, tested, and scrutinized in shorter timeframes. This easier design of prototypes will lead to faster supply chains and shorter lead times as a result.

3D printing gives a company complete control over the product development process. This control allows companies like Lime Design to produce a greater number of prototypes in a shorter amount of time. It also allows more time for testing and perfecting products before they are mass-produced.

3D printed prototypes are also useful in communicating the design intent to manufacturers. Prototypes give manufacturers an accurate representation of the end product. This representation helps identify any potential issues that may arise during manufacturing. It also helps determine if the product is economically feasible to be manufactured.

Customers will also benefit from 3D printing. As a result of the greater number of prototypes and manufacturer communication, customers will get the best possible product for their money. 3D printing allows companies to make key decisions about the function and feel of a product early in the design process, which leads to more refined end products.

3D printing is beneficial to just about everyone involved in the product development process because it allows for a higher number of prototypes, faster supply chains, shorter lead times, and increased customer satisfaction.

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